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British Passport Cloned in Five Minutes Flat

Posted by Elizabeth Terrell - December 19, 2006

With so many countries coming out agianst e-passports, and even Senator Clinton calling for a cost benefit analysis, it's confusing why Real ID has any steam left. Senators Akaka and Sununu are also skeptical of the REAL ID in its current form, and industry group, the Smart Card Alliance, does not understand why the government is recommending vicinity reading as opposed to contact reading of the RFID signal.

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Eric Cope said on Dec 20 2006 at 10:19pm
The real id act? are you joking. so that we minions can be tracked everywhere we go by our so sincere and trustworthy government. I think not, people across the nation will say absolutely no to the real id act come may 2008.

Karen said on Dec 30 2006 at 6:30pm
I think that we better start now saying no to the Real ID Act. Before the fact. Or else the tentacles of Big brother will be in our bedrooms and snooping every where. Or has no one read the book of Revelation yet

Funalicious said on Dec 31 2006 at 8:24am
The only reason anything like this (idea) can survive is because someone stands to make a lot of money.
It will not make us any safer, it will however, tighten the leash around our necks.

If the government believes this is so great for it's citizens, maybe we should start with the politicians. Not only with this idea, with everything...For instance, make their pay only equal to the average of the nation. I dare you.
Affordable Health insurance that they pay for out of their own pockets, I double dare you.
Social Security pension only? FAT CHANCE.
Who the hell gets full pension benefits after only ten years on the job? You can guess, it's the politician. They voted for their OWN pension. Not the regular citizen for sure.
Affordable homes? While they're in Washington DC, put them in dormitories. They can try buying a home in the state they come from.
These priveliged people think they will be above such measures, and they will be right. Because WE LET THEM.