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Taxpayer Impact: Vermonters for Economic Health

Posted by Brianna Cardiff - February 21, 2008

There are groups across the country that work hard to protect the interests of taxpayers. Too often their efforts go unrecognized when they should be celebrated and studied. Vermonters for Economic Health is one group that is making an impact for taxpayers.

Vermonters for Economic Health is a non-partisan, grassroots organization focused on education. Their efforts are directed at affecting the culture of their state. This is a very important point as culture gets at the root of many fiscal problems rather than treating their symptoms (although some damage control is often necessary in this area as well). Vermonters for Economic Health targets the legislature, endeavoring to put in place people who will make the economy a priority, because changing the minds of current legislators who are entrenched in the current culture has not proven to be as productive. The group has identified key areas that are ripe for change and is directing its efforts accordingly.

Recently, Tom Licata of Vermonters for Economic Health has given a series of well-attended town meetings titled ďOur Tax Bills: The Truth You Need to Hear.Ē The presentation begins by putting Vermontís economic situation in perspective with the nationís (which is somewhat grim looking into the future of entitlement spending, etc.). Later, Licata encourages Vermont to focus on creating wealth, through private sector jobs (making the pie bigger for everyone), instead of arguing about how it is distributed (the size of your piece of the pie). Individual comments during the meeting highlighted the flight of jobs from the state. State representatives have attended the town meetings, as well as other concerned citizens making for lively discussions. The presentations got people talking and thinking about tax issues and the stateís priorities.

Vermonters for Economic Health served as a catalyst for an economic dialogue and is focusing the attention of citizens and representatives on the fiscal problems confronting the state. We applaud their efforts and look forward to seeing future progress as they continue to put pressure on Vermontís policies.

If you know of a state or local taxpayer group that is making an impact and would like to be featured in this blog series, please email

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