No true reform is possible that leaves government intact. Appeals to a government for a redress of grievances, even when acted upon, only increase the supposed legitimacy of the government's acts, and add to its amassed power. -- Fred Woodworth

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ATR Launches Fascinating 401k Calculator

Posted by Andrew Moylan - October 10, 2008

As we watch the volatility in the stock market today, it's instructive to think about the value of one's retirement savings. There's not much that any individual can do to stop a short-term slide in stock prices, but we can help determine whose tax policies reign in the coming years through elections.

Along those lines, our friends at Americans for Tax Reform put together this great 401k calculator, which allows you to punch in a value and see how it would be impacted by the tax policies of Barack Obama, John McCain, what they call "Hill Democrats," and their own plan.

Me? I choose the ATR plan. :)

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