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Rewarding Those Who Can Teach

Posted by Christy Paavola - March 10, 2009

In the last few months President Obama has spent billions of dollars on education - not all of which will necessarily help students learn. A prime example of this is the $21 billion for school modernization. Today, however, he released his education agenda which includes a merit pay plan for teachers. We know that one of the number one factors in determining whether a child will receive a quality education is the effectiveness of their teacher. If billions of our tax dollars are going to be spent on education, why don't we reward teachers who are actually giving children in the United States a chance for the future? I would rather do that than see my tax dollars simply lost in the bureaucracy that is our education system.

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Rob Greenhouse said on Mar 10 2009 at 1:04pm
The Lotto in Florida says it poured Billions into education and still they have layoffs and they tax single people to pay for education too! All the teachers I know go on more and better vacations than I do and the average $50K a year worker can't. That's with teachers having 2 months off each year! Who sets the merit pay goals and does that mean better student education? Who is payed to evaluate that?

sister marlene said on Mar 11 2009 at 5:53pm
One of the #1 ways is to have a family that stays intact. How is a teacher in an inner city going to change societal norms? Are we that ignorant to think that someone else is going to affect all the children from broken homes, one parent homes, etc. A teacher can affect one or two of his/er students per year. But and that is the word, the media and environment is what gives a child a chance. Send a kid to school with a good feeling of parental security; that is what will guarantee that that child has a chance of success. No magic bullet. Private school teachers face the same problems except that their students come from wealthier families( They won't admit that and private schools won't publish all their testing).
Time for Americans to take a look as to what and who influences their children. Is it the media with violence and noir events or is it a loving family made up of a father and a mother.