In general, the art of government consists in taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other. -- Voltaire

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Free Our Health Care

Posted by Dominic Rupprecht - May 28, 2009

Check out this Free Our Health Care Petition. Because remember boys and girls, when health care is "free" you're going to be paying out your nose for it.

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roland miesner said on Jun 09 2009 at 8:29am
this is going to ruin our country, nobody el ected obama supreme dictator, he is so out of touch with the people, can't he be stopped before we all go down the toilet? I am totaly against having dr mengela in charge of health and human services. is the whole world blind? we will all be broke in less than four years, stand up and say NO!!!

Joan SMITH said on Jun 09 2009 at 8:33am
Thank you for the opportunity to sign this petition.

We certainly do not want the government running our health care, NO WAY!!!!!!!!

Nancy Schmidt said on Jun 09 2009 at 8:38am
I have a daughter that lives just over the border in BC Canada and she and her children have Canada's health care. She now works for a company that gives her family American health care. That she felt she had to have because of the hosipitals that are up there are so below standards that we are used to and use equipment that is like 40 years old in many cases. He son became ill and was 6 days in the hospital there and placed in a room with another child and the "hospital" did not have the means to feed those in there. After 6 days her son was really skinny and doing no better. They wanted to give him a "blood pool." I arrived about that time and called my brother-in-law a doctor in the US and he said "get him out of there." The doctor in charge did not want that to take place but we had him moved to Children's Hospital in Vancouver and what a difference. It is a teaching hospital that is where they go now for more than something very minor. They all have the ability to cross the border and get to great doctors and hospitals in the US if they cannot make the well over an hour trip to Children's in Vancouver. Also the wait in the emergency is like days and blood on the floor is not cleaned up and people get shots in places that they have to lift up their clothes right in the waiting room. Hospital's close left and right up there because there is not money to keep them going. So if you are waiting for an operation and have for a few years and the hospital closes then it is back to score one there. This deal about cheep medicine. Nothing is cheep up there and their income has like 1/2 taken out for taxes. Lots and lots up there buy American medical insurance so in case they do get sick or need an operation they will be able to get one.

Diane said on Jun 09 2009 at 8:47am
We do not need national health care. Any time the government gets involved in something, there is a lot of paper work and it takes a long time to get anything done. I am a teacher and I know how much extra paper work I am required to do because of the state. Also, look at the VA hospital, it takes a long time getting any procedures done through them. My father in law is a vet and he uses the VA hospital. All the procedures he has had done at the VA hospital have taken months and years. My family is against any kind of national health care. We need to teach and show people the importance to buying their own health care and require companies to have some kind of health care for their employees. I do not want the goverment telling me what operation I can have and which one I can't have. That is not their job!
Also, we need to stop paying for illegal imagrates health care and send them back to where they came from. That would save us a lot of money. Mexico doesn't treat our citizen very well, so why should we treat their citizen differently.

Bill Woodward said on Jun 09 2009 at 8:48am
Our country is being governed as a "committee dictatorship" There is a high degree of probability it will not recover, if this forced direction continues.
What is wrong with us? Politicians have no expertise nor experience to compete in the private sector. So, a government controlled health care system will ensure graft,greed, minimum quality of care and increased deaths.
Right now it's raher like "Nero (Obama) is fiddling while Rome (U.S.) burns".
NO! on government run health care!!

Beverly Thornton said on Jun 09 2009 at 8:56am
I would rather pay more money when healthcare is needed than have the government controlling the system. We have high quality care in America.
Take away the competition, and the quality goes down. The incentive to become doctors and other vital health care workers will be gone. A shortage of medical personnel will lower the quality of care further. I do hope we do not take our freedom of choice away.

Andrea said on Jun 09 2009 at 9:01am
I heard that those corrupted power-hungry slf-seeking Government staff members plan to provide a cheaper plan to pursuade businesses, individuals, eventually join the Gov. plan. I am so on your side for the freedom to chose. I am 46 and received an RN license in 5/2007. I have no health insurance. I DO NOT expect other people to pay my expenses. I am also unemployed. The chaos, fast paced environment in hospitals and SNF feels like an accident waiting to happen. People and lawsuits make me disappointed in this profession I studied so hard for. I had hoped at 46 to finally buy a 2 bd/1bth home and maybe my first dog. I have never owned a home nor a DOG because I had the common sense to know I did not have the money to pay for them. I still dont. I am on your side. We need a voice. We need to feel there are Americans for individual freedom and LESS GOV!!!! I am ready to WALK to DC carrying signs and yelling in megaphones Americans unite against the gov takeove. Take our freedom back!" I am SOOOOO glad I did NOT vote for the man in the white house.

Jim Hummel said on Jun 09 2009 at 10:12am
Thank you for this petition..Why do these
people want to change the best health
care in the world. Fix it where it needs to be fixed. Universal Health will not work....Ask the
rest of the world.

Nancy Schmidt said on Jun 09 2009 at 10:42am
By the way on my grandson's near death experience in BC hospital. After the doctor ordered a blood pool and we have not one clue what that is and he was taken to Children's Hospital if was found that he had ....hives. Hives and they wanted to take his blood out. When I left the hospital I took a good look around and it was filtly but noticed a polisher by the door attached to an outlet so figured they were going to try and do something about the fillt. Took a hold of the door handle and got an electric shock that knocked me to the ground and I broke my little finger. That I doctored on my own for the next few days since my faith in their doctoring was going by the way side. Came home to America and went to a hand doctor and am as good as new!

lillian scharenbroich said on Jun 09 2009 at 3:50pm
Our son goes up to Canada because of his job. His engineer friends there say "please don't let United States go to socialized universal health care because we go to "the states" for health care when we get sick.
I do believe this is the scariest thing that can happen to our country next to another terriorist attack. Let us all fight to prevent this from happening to us.

Andrew Moylan said on Jun 10 2009 at 1:21pm
To Nancy,

Thanks for telling your story. People need to hear about incidents like these before supporting "universal health care." We'd love to talk to you directly to help deliver those messages to Members of Congress and others. Feel free to email me directly at amoylan AT ntu dot org or call us at 703-683-5700.

Andrew Moylan

Ron C said on Jun 10 2009 at 1:44pm
i have cancer and do scans every 3 mths to see if cancer has grown or spread-yesterday got results to latest scan and all is good-while there dr nurse said they were visited bt oncologist from canada and that dr stated that the majority of their patents die before they can get scans to set up procedure to treat their cancer-glad to be in USA and our medical and not govt run

Tina Pelletier said on Jun 14 2009 at 9:52am
I agree with previous poster Nancy Schmidt, I lived across the Canadian border and their healthcare is so poor. Emergency rooms are overflowing and when you do get seen it's like a "drive-thru." America should have thought of all this pre-November now we are having to fight for our National rights and liberty. In Europe breast cancer is an epidemic if you are diagnosed with anything other than stage I you are given meds to make you feel better and told how long you have to live...that is NOT what America is about. Every life is worth fighting for we cannot put a price tag on what each person is worth!! Our America is too great to take what is being handed to us. NO GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE...

renee esses said on Jun 14 2009 at 9:52am
this is not a socialist government,we dont need governmeny meddling in our private health care. i dont want government telling me what procedures i can have. if this goes into effect i certainley will not vote for any politician who is in favor of this health care reform including the president.

Callaway said on Jun 14 2009 at 9:53am
Why have we not heard anything about what really drives up the cost of healthcare? How much do we pay for illegal aliens? Why don't we spend money and effort to help the taxpayers, people who actually pay their bills, didn't take rediculous mortgages and are responsible for their own lives? When are we going to stop supporting illegals and help our own citizens? I'm all for people living here legally!

Shelley Perez said on Jun 14 2009 at 9:57am
God (yes, I said God) forbid you or a loved one should get ill or be diagnosed with a disease what country will we go to to get the treatment needed??!! I hope with all my might this does NOT happen. GOD BLESS AMERICA...we need it!

Darlene Jones-Lundergan said on Jun 14 2009 at 9:58am
I have to say that I do think the President we now have is a very intelegent man. I have faith in his decisions, but I do not think he knows all the facts of the ill. I have a 21 year old son that needs 24 hours nursing. We recive this through private insurance from our employer. We could never pay over $300,000.00 a year for him to be alive. We pay high premiums and do not having to work to pay. We are not lazy parents by any means. On the other hand we could not stay awake 24 hours a day and take care of hiim either. There are no group homes that take care of such sick people in our state either. So I want what I have. Our son is an adult who is suppose to support himself on $675.00 per month from social security. He is suppose to rent his own place and pay for his own care. Now how on earth could he do this? We are elected his gaurdians by the courts which means we only suppose to make sure he is cared for and not paid for.....this is impossible. We pay over $1,000.00 per month on his insurance cost, co-pays,medicines, over the counter items no company will pay for, his clothes, his housing, his electric that runs all the machines he lives on, which by the way, electric alone costs hime $250.00 per month. This is just a few of the costs besides supporting the people who come in to take care of him, example, toliet paper, paper towels, water, etc. Now, if the government run system will pay for this people in the manner they need to be taken care of then no contest here. But if they are going to cut my sons life short and try to make me a 57 year old women stay up 24/7-365 then no way. I do not want to be the one that kills him. I would like to invite the president or any one of his cabinet members to my home before they make a decision. It is not our faults as Americans that we have children with serious problems and we should not be punished, but instead rewarded for what we have done for years for these very chalenged persons. Sincerely Darlene

Barry Brunetto said on Jun 14 2009 at 10:41am
If the President and Congress think that having Government Run Health care is so great, then they need to be part of the same system. In the Bill it should state that if a person in the US has to wait to have an operation then every member of Congress and the President including their families must wait the same amount of time. If an American must wait six months for a MRI so should they. But that will never happen because these people think that they are the elite and do not have to use the same system that they will create for us. In fact, it should be require that Congress and their families get care in Canada or the UK, before they create a bill since that is the system they want to give us, let them try it out first before they force it on us. We Americans must hold Congress and the President accountable for their actions. Wake up American, especially older American the only way to insure everyone in this country, including the thousands that come to this country every year have health care, and to lower the cost at the same time is to restrict health care. We will have a system where the older you are the longer you have to wait; the government will hope that you will die before you get your treatment. With the Baby Boomers getting older that is a lot cost reduction as well as dead people.

Robert Schram said on Jun 15 2009 at 5:27am
We have an example government run health care now; Medicare. Need I say more?

Evan Walton said on Jun 17 2009 at 1:24pm
What else can we do to stop this socialized health care? I dont think anyone is listening to the petition. we need to march on Washington. We need to organize. Who wants to organize a rally with me? We must become visible. I am serious about organizing a march on D. C. . We must act quickly. This administration is a cancer on our freedom

Pat Lanier said on Jun 24 2009 at 7:53am
FOR THE PEOPLE WHO DESIGNED THE PETITION WEBSITE: My husband signed the petition and send it. I later attempted to sign it, also, but was told that I had already signed. I guess everyone from the same household or using the same computer has to sign together or they cannot do it. YOU ARE LOSING A LOT OF PETITIONERS THAT WAY!

Brad from MA said on Jun 24 2009 at 7:02pm
Try using a different email address. I tried and it worked.

Andre Meyer said on Jun 25 2009 at 9:00am
STOP this now! DON'T forget, Congress Votes on CAP and TRADE tomorrow... STOP this largest tax increase in US history!

Bob Abuie said on Jun 29 2009 at 6:32pm
Gun up!

Kathleen Jones said on Jul 01 2009 at 7:36pm
Everyone still needs to contact your Congressmen and Senators to let your voice be heard directly in opposition to these subtle (maybe not so subtle) socialistic impositions into the lifes of Americans.

Steven Mutschler said on Jul 05 2009 at 9:39am
A great essay on the fraud being perpetrated via the so-called government "insurance" and "trust" programs is in Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny". The bottom line, as so many here already understand, is that these entitlement programs are meant only to enslave the masses and grant power to the priveleged few who do these things in the name of "for your own good". We must use our votes to promote a new generation of representatives who will return power and liberty to the people and the States. And devolve the "central planner" back to the Federal model so carefully (and clairvoyantly) limited by our Founders.

Kay Benson said on Jul 09 2009 at 11:03am
We have the best health care on the planet as we are. No doctor turns down the indigent and those who want insurance have it! This "change" is a ridiculous power grab for the democrats. To "level" our country would be disasterous! This has been tried in other countries and has failed miserably. Thanks to the propaganda in the media and our socialistic teachers in the education field, our children have been duped to believe that this is not the greatest country in the world. Some people behind this conspiracy want our nation to collapse - communists? Communism - Socialism does not work! Never has, never will!

Charles Justice said on Jul 09 2009 at 11:35am
I don't want the government taking over my health care. If they really cared, they would do away with frivolous law suits that drive up our medical costs. I, for one, would be willing to sign an affidavit stating that I would not sue a doctor for malpractice. Many others could do this to keep medical prices down, but of course the trial lawyers have the Obama administration in their back pockets so this would never happen. Why on earth would I want the government to provide me with health care and get between me and my doctor when they can't even run the Veteran's Administration, Medicare, Social Security, or the I.R.S., just to name a few. Any time I have ever have a question to any of the above, I get a different answer, depending on who I speak with. Do I want my government to handle my life and death situations? I don't think so! It is my understanding that of the 50,000,000 uninsured, 10 million are illegal aliens; the balance is divided into two categories: those who make over $75,000/year who pay their medical expenses out of pocket and don't want insurance and those 17 - 35 years of age who don't want it or are too lazy to care about it. All this is in reality is a government power-grab to control the way we live and the way we vote! I don't want a health-care system as England and Canada have that require sick people to wait 8 weeks for kemo-therapy and if I are too old they would say, "forget about the surgery, you are too old, just go die". If it will help the government out, I would contribute $500/year out of pocket to keep my health care the way it is!

mike said on Jul 22 2009 at 6:32am
i hear those who support this saying the republicans are just trying to stop change . well their not against change their against throwing money away nothing is free.if the libs thinks this is a great idea let them move to Canada heck just move to California at least their getting the quality even though their broke.

mike said on Jul 22 2009 at 6:37am
i keep trying to sign the free our health care petition and can't get the page to load what am i doing wrong

Jim Hummel said on Jul 22 2009 at 5:26pm
We have the best health care in the world. Lets
fix this system not distroy it. I pray for this country..

James Joseph Chleborad said on Jul 28 2009 at 4:39pm
This is the WORST idea Obie wan bama and GROSIE PALOSI have thought up.They can send a man to the moon, But they dont care to address our biggest concern of america,Illegals getting a free ride because they have been clued into the SYSTEM and REALLY DONT CARE about the fabric that built this fine land,If you have doubts take your entire family to a 3 rd world country or IRAC and see how much your family loves it without the rescources and freedom we have,Your kids will beg you to come back with no burger king ,mcdonalds and no wally world to play and shop at,PEOPLE WAKE UP,DO NOT let gov. strip up of our moral rights,I beg you,Its never too late to make pos. change,Stick together and we can STILL BE FREE like Abe and George wanted us to be,CORE VALUES ARE PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!as nike says JUST DO IT!!!!!!stop opression of AMERICA!!!!!!!1