When a new source of taxation is found it never means, in practice, that the old source is abandoned. It merely means that the politicians have two ways of milking the taxpayer where they had one before. -- H.L. Mencken

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"Stimulus" Used to Fight Weeds

Posted by Demian Brady - February 12, 2010

WAPT News in Mississippi found that the state's forestry service is using $1.2 million of "stimulus" funds to clear Kudzu and other weeds from private property.

This is a good time to introduce a new pork and waste mascot, Pig Rider:

Ride the Pig!

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Frank Tilton said on Feb 16 2010 at 11:58am
Stop pork? Here's how: The solution to the failings of our Congress (both houses) is actually quite simple and is fully within the bounds of our Constitution. We — all of us — have the opportunity now to CHANGE what needs urgently to be changed. How? ELECT NO INCUMBENTS! That is how we can bring about term limits. Now! And we can do this without amending the Constitution. We have known for too many years what is wrong with “our” government. Yet, we have continued to re-elect those whose chief purpose is to be re-elected. I am ready now to enact term limits. Are you? Elect no incumbents. Now. First in the primaries, then in November. And do so again in 2012. Elect no incumbents. You and I have the capacity to do what others promise! We can change Washington. ELECT NO INCUMBENTS!